Come with Fries, Mac Salad, Israeli Salad, Soup or Slaw. Pickles by request.​
Sub Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Fries or little side Salad for $1.25 more.

Lip Smackin' BBQ
Pork Shoulder roasted in Banana Leaf  topped with 
coleslaw and drenched in homemade BBQ Sauce.

Portobello UnBurger
Portobello Mushroom marinated and grilled with Mozzarella,
homemade Basil Pesto, grilled Tomato and Lemon Siracha Aioli.

Fabulous French Dip
Vienna Roast Beef piled high with Swiss Cheese on a Garlic Butter toasted hoagie roll.
​ Comes with Horseradish cream sauce and a side of homemade Au Jus for dipping.

Chicken Primavera
Breaded chicken breast with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion
​ and garlic aioli on our brioche roll​

Blackened Salmonwich
Blackened salmon, caper, dill and honey mustard sauce
​ lettuce, tomato and red onion​​​

Truck Stop Hot Beef
Premium Vienna roast beef piled high on mashed potatoes and grilled Texas toast with brown/onion gravy and steam fried vegetables

Create YOUR Cheeseburger in Paradise or pick one of ours. Pickles by request.

Jimmy Burger

Choice of fries of Israeli salad(cukes, toms and onions)
​Or you can have O-rings, Sweet potato fries or a side salad for $1.25 more
​$9 - 1/4lb      $12 - 1/2lb

Add any of the following for $1.00 each
American, Cheddar, Pepper-jack, Swiss, Mozzarella, Provolone, BACON, grilled Mushrooms, Jalapenos,​​​​​​​ grilled Onions, Guacamole, mild Green Chile strips, or fried Egg(oh yea!)

Specialty Burgers
The following Burgers are All
$11 - 1/4lb        $14 - 1/2lb

Travis Burger
Served open faced topped with Green Chili and Cheddar.

Dead Ringer
Three Onion Rings, Barbeque Sauce and Provolone.

Classic Chili Burger
Served open faced with Colorado Beef -n- Bean Chili, Onions and Cheddar Cheese.

Elvis Lives (staff favorite)
Peanut Butter, fresh Jalapenos, American and BACON. Thank you very much!

Horseradish cream, mozzarella, grilled onions

Mouthwater Burger
Double American Cheese, double grilled onions
​ green chili strips, garlic aioli

4 Corners
Green Chili strips, BACON, cheddar, chipotle aioli​​​

​Bubba's Breakfast Burger
BACON, over medium Egg and American Cheese.​