Well hello there!
This year looks like we will retain the talent and good looks of our two favorite entertainers.​

Monday Night
Terry Rickard sings classic rock and island tunes in true shorts and flip-flops style.

Tuesday Night
Greg Ryder plays ​​​​well, whatever he darn well feels like. A lot of old cowboy songs and a lot of his own stuff. Likes to throw some Bob Dylan in there too rounding things out.
Wednesday Night
 '​Weiner Night' this year. Mostly because they both start with "W". Also I love sausages and hot dogs and bratwurst and the like and I don't think anyone else in the area is doing it. Seems so obvious to me.
​ Special "Wednesday Weiners" menu
​for a wanking good time.

Friday we have an amazing Fish Special delicately crafted by the finest chefs in north Vallecito and possibly the world!

Saturday during the day is our Bloody Mary Appetizer Special! It is really a meal​​ 


Saturday Night this year I wanna do a big cowboy size steak special. 
​ The Hero Steak!
​ It will be chuck steak 12 ounces, marinated, ​with a great rub on it and flame-broiled medium rare. I can't wait! My Grandfather was a butcher and owned his own locker plant in Montrose, Colorado. This was his favorite steak. He was my absolute hero for more reasons than I can count.

Sunday Mornings are still made for Eggs Benedict. We have;

The Original
croissant, ham, eggs, hollandaise


The Mexican (wall or not)
​ croissant, chorizo, eggs, hollandaise, red sauce, pico, guacamole

The Vegie​​
croissant, spinach, tomato, mushroom, eggs, hollandaise

The Southwest
croissant, bacon, eggs,​ hollandaise, green chili, pine nuts


The Alaskan
​ croissant, spinach, smoked salmon, hollandaise

and now...…

The Keto
​ ham, spinach, bacon, eggs, hollandaise​​​ served with caprese salad instead of potato

And... Our Bloody Mary Bar!

Thursday who knows but it will be cool.