​​New Mexican Specialties!!!

​ with a touch of​
Costa Rica!

Served with "Gallo Pinto" - National dish of Costa Rica! A delicious blend of Black Beans, seasoned Rice, Onions, Cilantro and roasted Red Bell Pepper.​

 Flame Broiled Bistro Tender Steak and Rellanos
6oz Sirloin Steak draped over a Beer Battered Chile Rellano
​filled with Jack Cheese and fried crispy!
​Red, Green or Xmas sauce.
​Fried egg add $1

Enchiladas(Chef's all time favorite!!!!)
Corn tortillas- choice of pulled Chicken, roasted Pork or seasoned Beef smothered with Red or Green Chile sauce.
​Topped with cheddar cheese.
​Fried egg add $1
2 - $12      3 - $14

Chimichanga Magnifica
Huge flour tortilla stuffed with Black Beans, Rice, Cheddar Cheese and choice pulled Chicken, roast Pork or seasoned Beef then fried golden.
Topped with Guacamole, Sour Cream and Salsa.
​ Fried Egg add $1​​​

Top Shelf Fish Tacos​
Mahi fillets flame broiled or breaded(bahaha style)
 Chipotle Tartar, Ross Sauce, Cabbage, Tomato & side of salsa.
1 - $10      2 - $14

Ryan's Rellanos -n- Eggs
Beer Battered Chile Rellanos stuffed with Jack Cheese, topped with two Eggs over medium.
​Green or Red Chile sauce and Cheddar Cheese.
​Comes with Flour Tortillas and BACON!
1 Rellano - $12      2 Rellanos - $14

Steph's Huevos Rancheros​​
Two corn tortillas, black beans, two eggs, green chili, cheddar,
​lettuce, pico, BACON, sour cream and two flour tortillas

Steak Tacos
Marinated steak, chilies, onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese and side of salsa
1- $10         2- $14​​​​​​​​